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LaChiusa Olive Oil

Fresh pressed “liquid gold” from our 300 year old trees right here in our 1000-tree olive grove.

Our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is unique. It’s incredibly tasty, healthy and is one of the Italian oils with the highest quality level. Plus, it’s produced the same as it has been since the 1600s.  

Our oil is made through mechanical processes that do not alter the oil. This means that it cannot be obtained by chemical processes or heating.


Harvesting traditionally takes place in October to early November,  Olives are picked by hand and dropped on nets placed on the ground around the tree.  Our olives are processed within 24 hours from harvest.


When the olives arrive at the press, they are washed with purified water, leaves and branches are removed and the olives are pressed and kneaded to extract the oil from the fruit. This is done cold.  The oil is then stored between 14 and 15 ° C, in stainless steel containers.


Our olive oil has a specific taste such as fresh herbs and artichoke, and a spicy aftertaste with a slightly bitter note.


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