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La Chiusa
Boutique Inn & Restaurant

Located in the Heart of Italy

Google, April 2024:  Heaven in disguise. This establishment should be used as the guidepost for classes in the hospitality industry. The rooms are immaculate and welcoming, the staff friendly yet extremely professional, the location is a slice of one of the most scenic places on the continent. Every detail of your stay is handled with care for your comfort. A true gem.

A Place of Rest

4-star hotel in the hills of Tuscany in an historic olive oil mill stands Relais La Chiusa, a delightful 17 room boutique inn and restaurant.

Originally an olive oil mill, each of Relais La Chiusa’s seventeen rooms offer you a place to rest and relax after a day of exploring Tuscany. Every room is unique and has all the comforts of a luxury hotel. Located in Montefollonico and 9 minutes from Montepulciano.  Enjoy the beautiful views of Montepulciano and Monte Amiata as you stroll the rolling hills that lead to our 1000-tree olive grove and vineyard.   And yes…we are pet-friendly!

Garden to Table Menu

TripAdvisor, 24 April, 2023:  “I can say that more than a dinner it was a real taste experience to be repeated and repeated and repeated again.  Beautiful location and very kind staff helped to make this evening truly unforgettable!!!”

Garden to Table Tuscan Restaurant

The large kitchen is the heart of our restaurant. Once shared by several families, our kitchen welcomes guests all day. Our contemporary Italian and Mediterranean menu is created from fresh products, grown or produced by us, or local producers that are seasonal. We use vegetables only at the time of year when they grow in nature, ensuring each plate is delicious and flavorful.

Our cuisine is the fruit of a long experience that starts with the traditions of Tuscany and looks to those of the modern world that makes our food complete, balanced, and in harmony with the seasons. We use fresh products of the highest quality, bringing to the table the work and passion of those who believe in what they produce.

Our secret is simplicity.  Simplicity is a must when mastering the subtle techniques of fine cooking.  Simplicity means only the essentials, and the highest quality of fresh produce. It means tradition infused with creative intuition.

Olive Oil

Fresh pressed “liquid gold” from our 300 year old trees right here in our 1000-tree olive grove.

Cooking School

Our cooking school in Tuscany is like no other. We go to the real source of the cooking traditions. Our classes are taught by local Tuscan women; the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and wives who know what real traditional Tuscan cooking is all about.

Create a Culinary Masterpiece

We invite you to join us in our medieval hill-top village for a week of cooking and delicious meals where the women of the village are masters of traditional rustic Italian cooking. It is their art. They will endear you with their skills and laughter in the kitchen. Our teachers use the same recipes their grandmothers, or “Nonnas,” as we say in Italy, used. This is a unique experience; nothing has changed for generations, this is the way women in Tuscany have cooked for hundreds of years. It is truly magical to see Tuscan women cook!

Experience Tuscany here at LaChiusa

With so much to do in Tuscany, we want to share some of our favorite experiences with you here at La Chiusa.  Most of our experiences are right here on our property at LaChiusa–within steps of your room.  

Please contact us so we can plan your experience.

We are within an hour’s drive of many famous destinations and the perfect place to stay as you explore the region.

Bee Experience

Learn about beekeeping and taste our local honey and pollen.  Enjoy a short “class” on bees and a short introduction to beekeeping.  Spend an hour with our resident beekeeper here at LaChiusa. Afterwards put on one of our beekeeping suits and get ‘up close and personal’ with our bees in our 12  bee houses.

Cooking Classes

Let one of our Nonnas teach you the secrets of Tuscan cooking.  Pick your menu and recipes to personalize your class. We will share recipes that have been handed down for generations–all made with fresh, local ingredients.

Olive Oil Class & Tasting

Take a class in Olive Oil.  Not just a tasting, but a class to teach you about olive oil production and how to know olive oil is “real.”  Lead by our local olive oil expert.  At the end, you can choose to have our LaChiusa olive oil shipped to your home.

Pizza Class

Become a Pizzaiolo.  Make pizza dough from scratch and personalize your pizza with fresh, local ingredients from our garden and prepare yourself for a “pizza party!”  Learn to make our signature sweet dessert pizza.  All in our 500 year-old brick oven.  

Truffle Hunting

Hunt for these culinary gems with our private truffle hunter and his skillful pups in the “backyard” of La Chiusa. See how the dogs are trained to find truffles, watch them dig and work as a team.  After, enjoy a delicious meal of truffle pasta and wine.

Special Meals

Let our chef amaze you with a special meal for 2 or 102. You can pick from a romantic table set in the courtyard, a table in the kitchen or let your imagination guide you. We can help you design the perfect experience!

Lunch in the Olive Grove

Like a scene from a movie you will enjoy a traditional Italian lunch, served family style, set among our 300-year-old olive trees. Tuscan bruschetta, local cheese and meats, fresh baked breads, traditional bowls of pasta to share, salad, olives & Tuscan Cantucci. 

8 ATV backroads tour

ATV Backroads Tour

Imagine riding the backroads of Tuscany on an ATV. Your guide will take you to off the tourist path sites, behind villages for amazing views and out of the way secret places. This is a ride you will not soon forget!


After a long day of adventure retreat for a relaxing spa treatment.  Dedicated to your well-being and peace of mind. We offer in room massage with advance reservation.

Custom Tours

Your imagination is your guide. From ballooning to photography and outside thermal baths–we have itineraries for everyone’s enjoyment.

Horse Back Riding

Horseback riding reveals the true beauty of the Tuscan countryside,  The guided ride takes you on a relaxing and unforgettable ride thru the local landscape and vineyards.  Stroll among the grape vines at the base of the surrounding foothills.

12 biking


Want to bike the hills of Tuscany? Rent one of our e-bikes and explore the local area.  Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket from our kitchen for a quick midway snack!

Beer Tasting

Yes! Tuscany has beer and Tuscans do enjoy a cold beer to wind down and relax.  Savor the classical flavors of homegrown ingredients.  Like our wine, our beer is made locally and with as much love and flavor as our country.

Cheese Tasting

Sample the world famous sheep cheese “Pecorino di Pienza” from this family owned and operated farm. You will be delighted by the farm and dairy tour, farm to table lunch and choose from over 15 varieties of cheeses to taste.

Wine Tasting

Take a journey through Tuscany’s rich liquid history. Let us take you for a tour through our local wines without ever leaving the comfort of LaChiusa.  Visit our vineyard and learn how wine is made.

1 traveling picnic basket

Traveling Picnic Basket

Our picnic basket is perfect for a day trip, a stroll thru our olive grove or vineyard, or a quiet lunch on our terrace. Choose from our menu of traditional Tuscan deli meats, cheeses, olives, sandwiches, fresh salad greens, and dessert items. Wine, water, sodas or juice are also included.

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