La Chiusa dates back to the Etruscans in 1000 BC–we have several Etruscan tombs on the property.  Our land was originally owned by a Roman soldier named Ansano Landucci whose family became members of the nobility in  ancient Tuscany.  It was passed down generation to generation in his family.  Afterwards, a toll and guard complex was built to collect taxes from travelers on the ancient Montefollonico to Montepulciano road in the 800s.  In the 1200s the large kitchen was used by area farm houses as a collective kitchen.  In in the 1500s it was turned into an olive mill where it was enclosed by 1000s of olive trees–thus the name ” La Chiusa (the closed).  It was transformed into a hotel and restaurant in the 1970s.

We make our own olive oil from our trees. We have 6 different types:  Leccino, Maremmano, Oreolo, Pendolino, Correggiolo, and Frantoioe.  Our trees grow and live in an extraordinary environmental panorama.  Cultivated with respect for people, tradition and our territory.  We produce an oil with a balanced and authentic flavor of things made with love.


Beautiful Montefollonico, Italy

On top of a hill facing Montepulciano, stands the medieval village of Montefollonico. Far from busy roads and from the usual tourist trail, the splendid isolation of Montefollonico is what makes it particularly charming and appealing. It is a fantastically preserved medieval village, surrounded by 13th-century walls that protect Montefollonico Castle.

With its narrow, winding streets and its low, rustic houses, Montefollonico provides a genuine view of Tuscany. Here you’ll enjoy great company, memorable meals, great wine, and unlimited views; all here at La Chiusa, surrounded by our 1000 olive trees, two vineyards, and rolling hills.

There are many things to do in Tuscany if you have ideas, let us know and we will schedule it:  Winery Tours, Villa Tours, Vintage Car Rides, Ballooning, Bike Tours, and Day Trips to the surrounding villages.